Eli Avisera, Tel Aviv, Israel


Eli Avisera born in 1960, grew up, studied and lives in Jerusalem. Between the years 1973-1977 he studied at the school of wood art in Jerusalem. Since then, he has been a professional woodworker. Working as an international woodturning demonstrator and teacher. During the last 20 years he has taught his craft in France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Nepal and over 25 different States in America.

Eli uses a line of his own signature tools created by Ashly Iles Tools. He used his decades of experience to design this M2 high-speed steel line that features his most celebrated innovation, the double bevel for the gouge and convex bevel for the chisel.  In 1988 Eli established the

“Wood Craft Center”. There, hundreds of students at all levels have learned woodturning, building furniture, wood carving and realistic sculptures, and violin making. Students from teenagers to pensioners, from Israel and abroad, come to learn new skills.
Eli is one of the leading wood art masters in and his creations are exhibited in many exhibitions both locally and around the world.


Woodturning Project Threesome

Eli will start by demonstrating how to turn a square bowl out of a flat board. In his first project, he shows how to turn a very thin walled bowl without damaging the corners. The key to this turning is Eli’s use of a skew chisel to decorate the bowl after the application of acrylic colors. Once complete, the square bowl is finished with spray lacquer. Eli will explain in detail how to use the offset technique to achieve the unique decoration of the pattern.
In the second part of Eli’s three turnings, he will demonstrate how to turn a small ebony box with a silver leaf covered lid. Using the same techniques with different effects, he creates a special look within the world of small box turnings. Emphasis will be placed on correct turning techniques and tool positions. One of key elements in this turning is Eli’s use of the spindle gouge.
Eli’s third demonstrations gets the woodturners creative juices flowing. Here, he will explain how he creates a game, which he calls Eli’s Woodturning Puzzle. This is a fun game which generates its challenging mental exercises.

Star Demo
Eli’s claim to fame is his star pattern inlay. It is used his well-known candle stick holders, boxes and goblets.
He will explain the step by step methodology in producing these intricate inlays in your own shop, and using tools available to every woodturner. A series of slides will visually show each aspect of the assembly. He will suggest the types of wood to be used and the best way to achieve the accuracy required. He will also explain the glues to be used, the clamping techniques and both the sequence and process to achieve the desired results.
After explaining how to make a star inlay, Eli will demo his famed long stemmed goblet. The first part of the demonstration is how to turn the goblet and base out of one block. The second part of the demo is how to turn the long stem using Eli’s version of the French-named “trembleur” technique.
Techniques of Decorating Platters
Eli will demonstrate various woodturning techniques making platters with a distinctive ogee shape. He will show which tools are best to use for different cuts. He will focus on design, proportions relative to size and ornamentation or colouring. Different ideas for the turner to play with.
Specifically, Eli will show how to decorate the rim of platters, staring with the use of a surface treatment called “Jerusalem Stone”, simulating the texture of Jerusalem stone houses. This is achieved by carving, texturing, pyrography and colouring.
The next platter will show a technique called “Italian Mosaik”. The patterns are created by woodburning and sharpie colours. Eli will demonstrate the tricks needed to draw the lines properly and how to use the sharpie for best effects.